The 6th International Conference on Rodent Biology and Management is due to take place in Germany in 2018.  The 6th ICRBM will also link up with another similar conference group, Rodens et Spatium.  Rodens et Spatium has typically been held in Europe every two years, and recently adopted a new name of the International Conference on Rodent Biology. Thus by having the 6th ICRBM in Germany, the two conference organising committees have agreed this presents is an excellent opportunity to jointly hold symposia organised across the two conferences, which will be hosted by Dr Jens Jacob from the Julius Kühn Institute, part of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. Exactly where in Germany and when in 2018 the conference will take place will be announced soon.


ICRBM Committee

President: Dr Lyn Hinds   

Vice President: Dr Jens Jacob  

Executive Secretary Europe: Steve Belmain, Jens Jacob

Executive Secretary Asia: Zhibin Zhang, Grant Singleton, Sudarmaji, Ji-Qi Lu

Executive Secretary Australasia: Peter Brown, Andrea Byrom, Peter Banks

Executive Secretary Africa: Nico Avenant, Rhodes Makundi

Executive Secretary Americas: Charley Krebs, Regino Cavia


Honorary Life Members

Charles Krebs

John Copland

Lynette Hinds

Grant Singleton




For more information about rodent biology and management, see the About Rodent Management website